Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On the road again, well, almost

Sooo, great news for me, albeit a little delayed, and it being the start of Mercury Retrograde has me a little concerned, but not overly so...

It's time to get the show on the road..  Repairs are done..  While the repair itself wasn't exactly cheap, over the time I've been traveling, it works out to be about $100+ / month...  Still not good for such a lump sum all at once, but that's pretty cost effective, much better than payment on a new RV, or a mortgage!  Will be doing a full write-up on what was done AFTER get to where am going...  Really, really delayed, but there's a reason why am delayed, and that might just be due to going to Woo Woo Wednesday again.  Got some insight on things I urgently need to take care of, I mean urgently, else we might be talking from the other side...

My plans are to head south, then east, then who knows where after that.  Probably west again though could head to East coast, depends on what parents are doing for the winter, and how long they're doing what they're doing...  Parents are unpredictable, at least they're around.

And, that reminds me...  This coming weekend my dad is having a reunion of sorts, a class reunion, of those in the general vicinity of 80 years old.  My hats go out to him, and everyone in his class, who've made it this far.  They're hanging around for a reason too as he thought he'd be a goner in his 60's.

Need to write in my journal, then take a nap.  Most likely will make a quick jaunt to the coast soon to dip toes in the ocean, sit and relax a little, and begin the cleansing process...

Best wishes to everyone. and to everyone a great time!

The "almost" part is due to needing to visit mechanic in the morning to verify everything is working as expected and no surprises lie in wait...  It feels good, no leas, scooter is on board, and ready and chomping at the bit to go!

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