Thursday, October 8, 2015

Permaculture, and playing with it!

Some years ago, don't recall what year, I took a Permaculture course in the backwoods of Montana.  Actually, where we were didn't have real woods, but we were fairly far from civilization.

Very idyllic place, very wonderful in soo many ways.  There I met so many great people from all walks of life, there was nothing like it.  Haven't experienced anything remotely similar since.

As most people who know me understand, I generally get along really well with most everyone.  Among those is Paul Wheaton, of which quite a few people don't like for various reasons, but he is making great strides in the world of Permaculture and innovation and spreading the word.  He takes a logical view of things, doesn't sugar coat, and is not all hearts, flowers, and rainbows.  I don't agree with everything he does, or says, or even his delivery sometimes, but he's doing what he feels he's called to do, and that's a very important thing.  Too many of us don't do what we feel called to do, for various reasons.

The main reason for this post is Paul announced a second printing of his Permaculture Playing Cards!  Here is the Amazon link, with plenty of reviews about the cards and they're overwhelmingly positive.  They are a little pricey there so maybe not buy them until prices for this second run are released.  Though it's possible to download them for free, from link above, if simply want to look.

In this second printing the cards were updated slightly, more hidden features added, and some other updates I don't remember.  I just ordered a bunch of cards (12 decks), for a killer deal (12 decks for about cost of three decks on Amazon).  For people on his "Daily-ish e-mail", Paul opened up this special where have a significant discount.

If you're interested in learning how plants, and animals, interact with each other, while playing card games, then this deal is for you.  Can even use these as flash cards for kids, and adults, of all ages.

Feel free to check out all the great pictures of the Permaculture Playing cards, and check out his reviews on Amazon, before deciding if this is for you.  Or, browse RichSoil and/or Permies to get a feeling for Permaculture.

Have a super time!

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