Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some revelations and roadmap in several ways

Not sure why I've waited so long, nor do I know what this truly means, but it's all coming together.  This is partly due to experiences have had the last month or so, and riding horses, and work I have coming up soon to remedy some things...

Spot where The Meaning materialized
As I left Tacoma, WA, and the great people at Bay Engine and Truck Repair, I took a quick swing over to the Oregon Coast, where I experienced The Meaning.  This meaning, which I haven't been able to fully describe, and I still can't fully describe, started in these two pictures.  What a beautiful and idyllic place it is.

From where I took this first picture, it points to almost the exact location where was swallowed in fog, with feet in the surf, and lost in thoughts.  There's a little stream / river coming from the wood nearby that cuts along the beach and goes into the surf.  This is also the point where The Meaning started to gel, two years prior.  Before this it was a little weird and spooky walking into the clouds to follow the surf and seemed just like a normal stroll.  Turned into anything but a normal stroll, something that defines some purpose to my life.

In distance, on right, before green patch, people played volleyball
This second picture followed the little river, bypassing the volleyball game that a group was playing.  From what I remember there wasn't anyone playing when went into the surf.  It was on this walk back, where I was walking in slow motion, not quite sure of how to digest everything.

After exited the fog bank that day, it cleared up to almost what it shows in these pictures, but little less cloudy, well, lot less cloudy.  It was as if the cloud bank was there for a purpose, then vanished as the purpose ended.  It felt so soothing, comforting, and all that other happy happy joy joy stuff.

Even after two years can still remember most of the details, which is very surprising for me.

Spent about twenty minutes visiting here and had to leave as came from Tacoma, WA and wanted to get on other side of I5 before nightfall.  Made it to Walmart in Bend, OR. Was a long day of driving, but it really felt good to be on the road.  I mean it REALLY felt good.

The following day made it to Montichello, UT, and spent the night in a truck stop / Seven Eleven there.  One spot was left available, right in front of a light pole, in which the RV fit perfectly.  Really needed that.  I mean REALLY needed that. Though, this is funny, on the map, it shows as a Shell station and not a Seven Eleven..  Even google isn't right all the time.

Woke up around 6 am and immediately hit the road.  Got near my destination, had breakfast, and toodled around until 10 or 11 a.m., then went to some friends, with the horses!

While driving had some thoughts, especially the last day.

Some realizations

Over the last 3-4 weeks, ever since trying to leave Vashon and being delayed with that oil leak, have come to the realization as to why relationships are very important in life, like husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, significant other, or whatever suits your boat.  Have had many lows, and many other things where it would've been soo much better with someone close to bring me back to reality so much sooner.  For my whole life have always respected those relationships, but never could see myself in one, for the most part, until now.  This is a part of The Meaning.

Another realization is that I really hate hills, and going up them in the RV, in it's current form, is truly painful.  This was the cause of MUCH ANGST on my part for this trip, and helped me form the above realization as two, or more, minds are better than one.

When got to my destination, and thinking back on what happened, such as going up hills on I70 @ 30-35 MPH, and even slower when got off the highway.  I think there are a couple reasons for this.
  • Am supposed to keep exhaust temperature below 1300 degrees Farenheit, so always let up on the throttle and downshift manually
  • Had very dirty air filter (K&N reuseable), so cleaned and reoiled.  Was full of oily diesel bypass stuff (no pictures)
  • One reason air filter was full of icky stuff is due to no front cover on front part of filter.  Made one out of aluminum and it will work fine (pictures coming)
  • Fuel injectors could be a little dirty, Will be adding Marvel Mystery Oil (my neighbor in Connecticut swears by the stuff) to clean it out, next time fill up.  Will keep up this treatment.
  • MMO Bottle says to put 4 ounces in for every 10 gallons of fuel, so with a 90 gallon diesel tank, that's about 36 ounces.  They conveniently sell a 32 ounce bottle so will use that for the first fillup, then find a gallon jug elsewhere and fill up little bottle.  This will clean fuel lines and everything
  • Replace fuel / water separator as driven at least 20,000 miles (not done yet)
  • Replace fuel filter (not done yet)
  • Get a Frantz Bypass Oil filter (two actually), and install (not done yet)
  • Fuse blown on instrument panel lights.  Makes it difficult to see gauges at night.  Will replace fuse, but have to find it, which haven't yet
  • As part of replacing the rear main seal, we also fixed exhaust as it was disconnected from exhaust manifold, there was also a little break in the exhaust pipe before the muffler, also patched.  This made exhaust perform not as designed so probably also had some sort of impact, either fouling things up, or a decrease in power.  Will monitor.

I "think", that with a combination of all these steps, the power will return to where it should be, without more indepth maintenance.

The air filter was way past due cleaning so will change that frequency.  Pretty sure the air filter was a BIG contributor to loss of power on the hills, though all the other stuff will help too.  Now I won't, almost literally, lose my mind.  Everything happens for a reasons and pretty sure there's a reason for this.

Another realization is my angst of having to stay in one place, and not being able to get going.  I am still not exactly sure why had to wait, though it helped to instill some patience and the like.

The wait is also another reason I finally came to the realization about a significant other.  I was very anxious to get going as soon as I can, but was delayed for several reasons, and due to a purpose which I have yet to realize.

Had some friends who helped me out by wanting to get me away and doing things, rather than feeling down.  I would have to say was borderline depressed for couple of the nights as was really really wanting to get going, but couldn't, for obvious reasons.

I went to Woo Woo Wednesday, with Skip and Sha'ron, on the night the Rear Main Seal was completed.  This is their website, and it's not laid out really nice, kinda gory IMHO.  They had a lady there who spoke and was spot on with what she told me, and she helped restructure priorities and reaffirmed some things, which will write about later.

Still not ready

While I realize will need a relationship to further myself, and others, the two primary reasons I came to New Mexico are:

  • Ride horses
  • Clear out some drama

Horse riding is done, and I really really like it.  It's great to interface with such a glorious animal that is very intelligent, and she continually tests me!  Today she started bucking a tiny bit, but I was able to calm her down, still no idea how I did it...  Stayed on the saddle whole time and rode after she calmed down.  Have a great connection with this horse, a thoroughbred mustang, probably with some racing history.  Think she wanted to run, due to her training, yet we were only walking her around, hence excess energy.

The Root
While some, well, most, people will jump to conclusions about clearing out drama, I really have no idea what I need to clear out, only that (woo woo) people have eluded to some emotional blocks needing to be cleared.  This is all related to my root chakra and has to deal with some items that happened in my childhood that they deemed inappropriate.  Not quite sure what that means, but all I know is it's gotta go.  Can feel the blockage even now as I type.

The root chakra is located in general area of where we sit, and it grounds the whole body.  Am thinking that this is one reason have always been a "little" aloof, just floating through life, as didn't really have a grounding due to this energy that's still there blocking all the chakra's above.

I have a great friend here that is a Reiki Master, and will be doing Reiki stuff shortly while here in New Mexico.

I will have to acknowledge what comes up, and then release it, and hold no ill will.  Some have said that it will be rough to do, but have to do it sooner or later.

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