Thursday, December 24, 2015

Alternative treatments - and Happy Holidays

This is where I would typically give my sob story about all of the wonderful products I take that are generally considered organic, pesticide free, etc. etc.

However, I talked with a pet communicator tonight to help diagnose an issue Scatter has (more on that later), and she pointed me to a video of where a cancer tumor vanished, i.e. went away, in a lady who underwent treatment in China.

This treatment in China used no medicine at all.  Now, I generally speak with ill will against anything about China, but this piece warrants some attention as the video clearly shows something disappearing....  To my untrained eyes it doesn't seem like actual disappearance was edited.

This is an article I subsequently found regarding the hospital.  Am guessing it's the one but didn't catch any names from video.  Am sure hospital helps people with more than just cancer, but that is the highlight in video above.  There were also a handful of other articles that my quick search revealed.

With that...  It's time for me to watch:

Didn't see on youtube anymore, except the colorized version.  Am sure glad downloaded and saved while it was free there a while back.

Merry Christmas!

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