Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, and reminders

Best wishes to everyone for happiest New Year ever!

I spent the evening out and about and went to a club in the Vegas area, named after a colored animal.  It was a very good experience, with exception of getting a taxi back.  Didn't ride scooter out there as was chilly, but should have as waited an hour to get ride.  An Uber ride would've been much quicker, and when I go back will use that, or bundle up and brave the chilliness.

This club was very interesting, and also a major step outside the box for me.  It's all about making progress.  Normally stay in for New Year, but something told me to get out and see how people actually mingle.


For those with filters, any type of filters, don't forget to change them if do it on a yearly basis, such as the water filters I use.  Use two types, one for my Waterfall purification system, and another for my Berkey ceramic filters.  Much to my surprise, the website I found which listed the Berkey filters for sale, also listed detailed information on what makes up the ceramic filters, found here.

RO Update

Truly like the Reverse Osmosis system I installed here, and the last update here. It's still running flawlessly and am going to do a couple very small upgrades in the near future.

Water Quality - Eye of beholder

One very important piece of knowledge I had, prior to upgrading to this system, is that the RO system really does remove most everything, even the things that our bodies need.
  • Water normalizes itself, so potential to leech minerals from our body
  • According to Chinese medicine, it is "too yin"

Included here is some research I found that backs up my decision to do all this water filtration.  It really does sound like a lot of work but really isn't, especially taking into account water is 65%, or so, of our mass.  Research is like beauty in the eye of the beholder, one can find articles that backup both sides of the issue.  I chose articles based on what I thought felt good and seemed true.  Sometimes truth is in the eye of the beholder too..

In this article the author wrote a very descriptive article on tap water itself, and mentioned RO water as being good, though no mention of adding minerals back in.

Another article I found regarding dead water, and a second article (from Holistic blog) that contains certain steps that can be done to add minerals and nutrients back into it.  She mentions several ways to do that, from adding salt to making "spa water".  While this is all good and great I don't see any true consistency.

All of this, and other things, add up to why I "filter" my RO drinking water though the Nikken Waterfall, after it passes through the Berky filters (silver is a disinfectant).  It removes quite a few things that the RO system removes, as shown in this WQA (Water Quality ?) test certificate, and the silver in the Berkey filter makes sure no bugs are in the water.   The Waterfall system adds all the minerals back into the water, alkalizes the water, restructures, and makes it alive allowing the water to be more compatible with the body.

While alive water, as this article states, is best from a spring, or other trusted natural source, the reality is not everyone has access to water of that quality.  Sad, but true, and this is another reason why go through all this effort.  The long run will tell if it's all worth it.

I also have a hand-held shower (there's a standard shower head too) too that makes the skin oh so soft and adds nutrients back in during the shower, as skin is the largest organ in the body, so we must take care of it.

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