Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FMCA Rally in Indio, CA

So, this is the real reason I came back to California.  Otherwise would be elsewhere.

In reality though, being here helped me immensely due to recent event(s), namely passing of Pia.  If it wasn't for being around people, arriving here on day of her passing, and just being "forced" to participate, not sure what would have done to help get back to reality.

More Black Stuff

While at this rally, went to a talk where they talked about Black stuff, i.e. the stuff no one wants to talk about and what I touched briefly on here.

Their talk was very informative and was very happy that I was doing most everything right.  Here are some highlights, in no particular order, which most people should be aware of.
  • When parked at one spot, keep all drains closed
  • Empty tank(s) when they are at least 2/3 full
  • Water Water everywhere for black, be very generous when flushing
  • "RV" toilet paper doesn't matter.  Costco (or equivalent) paper is fine
  • Double ply is recommended.  Single ply causes fingers to poke through in wrong places
  • Treat Black, and Grey, tanks with treatment, or they highly recommended this.
  • Grey tank is generally much worse than Black, for most people
  • Follow Black flush with Grey Flush (to clean out hose)
  • Use the mascerator's sparingly, i.e. only when necessary
  • After empty, fill black tank with ~10-15% clean water
  • After empty, fill grey tank with ~5% clean water
  • Avoid chemicals that only cover up odor, such as PineSol
  • Avoid products that could leave "sludge" on the bottom

In my black tank, the level sensor doesn't operate correctly, at least when just emptied.  Once it's about 1/2 full, or so, then it seems to function more accurately.  Believe it might be coated with struvite's.  Apparently, the product that was briefly touched upon at end of presentation clears these struvites, plus any hardened build-up within the tank, through normal use.

When I emptied my tank just now, peered down the poop chute into the tank, and didn't see any sediment around (not that have a wide field of view).  Poked a stick down there and the bottom was solid, but grainy, and not plasticky.  Filled it with quite a bit of water, but no layer of water (rig at slight angle).  Could be the angle causing problem (not a large one) or maybe bottom is built up with a deposit (20 years old after all).

Will be getting some of the TankTechs product as seems like it really does work.  Japanese use something similar, and generally they have good stuff, with exception of Fukushima.

The recipe that I point to here actually calls to use PineSol.  I was able to find an organic'ish alternative, at a store in Moses Lake, WA.  It's from biokleen and called Super Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner.  It's made from Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel extract, among other things.


Every night of the rally (three nights) there was live entertainment.

First night was group called 3 guys and thirty instruments.  They were really great!  Will look forward to seeing them again.

Second night was a comedian, which I missed.  Talked with some people next day and they were very pleased!

Third night was a group of four, with three guitars.  Can't remember name of the group.  Nice "oldies" music and all, just wasn't my thing.

RV's for sale

There were about 130 RV's for sale, and 25 of those were sold to attendees to the conference.  I wasn't one to buy, but two people who I met earlier on in my trip did buy one each.  It was somewhat funny to see just how everything worked out.

Final thoughts

I stayed on location as it was my first time attending.  While I had fun and such, next time, unless I have a booth, will almost definitely be staying off site.  This is because, while there are generator hours and people obey them, people still run generators, which are noisy.  Smell didn't really bother me, just the noise did.  If it wasn't for those would definitely stay onsite again.

This is a great rally, but as was here by myself, I would've been able to see everything in one day.  With the exception of the talks, such as on the Black tank mentioned above. Everything else would've been able to see, thoroughly, within an 6 hour day.

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