Friday, January 10, 2014

Wednesday - Most impactful day of my life

Pia watching as unpack on Vashon Island
So I had to take Pia, one of my cats, to the veterinary clinic.  The clinic was actually an animal hospital but figured had no choice at the moment as one of her legs gave out on her and was unable to walk.  It also looked like she was in quite a bit of pain.  This happened on Tuesday, and she wasn’t eating much for over a week prior to that, only what treats I could coax her to eat.
Beautiful Pia with her eyes.

For reference, the animal hospital is:

VCA Valley Animal Medical Center

Emergency Hospital
46-920 Jefferson St
Indio, CA 92201
Pia sniffing around under bed

Par for the course, ran the standard tests, X-rays and the like.  They hydrated her back up with saline solution (salt water essentially if memory serves correctly). The total bill caught me for a little surprise as didn’t really expect the final total to be so high.  Here is a listing of what was done:

Geriatric Blood Profile
IH ) CBC with a Profile
Radiology Services
Initial X-ray Film Series

AIS Radiology Report

Examination by Doctor
Fluid Therapy SQ per liter
Cerenia Injectable 10mg/ml
Buprenorphen 0.3mg/1ml
Cerenia Injectable 10mg/ml
Fluid Therapy IV per liter
Treatment charges are in computer

Patient Subtotal

Invoice Total:

BioHazard/Medical Compliance


Soon as gain back some senses will ask about some discrepancies, such as Fluid Therapy SQ and Fluid Therapy IV, as well as Cerenia Injectable duplication.  They were also unable to draw a Urine sample and don’t see that credited on this bill.

With the results of these tests in hand, Dr. Jameson, DVM told me what I already knew, is that they didn’t know cause of why one of the rear legs stopped working, and didn’t know why she stopped eating.  The x-rays looked pretty normal.  The last disk was a little compressed, which could indicate a pinched nerve and/or some other discomfort.  Bladder, kidney, the poop shoot, and all the other internal organs seemed to be running along fine.  They were just as baffled as I was.

Pia sniffing a black cat!
So, they dutifully sent her home with me (across the road literally) and off we went back to the RV park.  Gave her the first dose of pain killer that they prescribed her, and she was mostly in lala land.  She was stuck in front of the RV, not being able to move, so I made my bed to be right on the floor with her in case any bowel, or other movements, needed a set of hands to remedy.  It was a quiet night but was difficult for me as tossed and turned, trying not to drift too far into sleep.  Every time woke up to check on her, she had unblinking, wide eyes.  A little worrisome.

It just so happens, Wednesday morning logged in to LinkedIn and had a pending invite from some friends of mine in the Tacoma area who are deeply into metaphysical stuff.  He had a near death experience which totally transformed his life (clinically dead for some time), and she’s been this way for quite awhile.  Anyways, the night before had wanted to check if there is any truth in animal communicators so was going to start looking for one, and then I got this invite.

While they’re not animal communicators, they are gifted in the metaphysical realm.  I emailed them inquiring if they knew anyone, and to my surprise responded almost right away.  He suggested Pia should go to a pet chiropractor, ASAP, before permanent damage happened. Didn’t even know they existed.

Some deep insights Pia has
I dutifully obeyed as it made complete sense based on what learned from the doctor Tuesday night.  Last night’s doctor mentioned a pinched nerve as a possibility, though I didn’t share this information with my metaphysical friends.  Called the Animal hospital back and they only have Chiropractor on Thursday and Friday, which couldn’t do for a variety of reasons.
They referred me to another branch, or a different entity (unsure how they’re related), where they had a full time chiropractor on staff Monday through Friday.  Through talking with the new place, and the receptionist on the phone, we were able to squeeze us in for a 9:30 appointment.  This was at 8:53.

Quickly packed up camp, loaded scooter on back and went tearing off.  Arrived a little on the late side, but they were able to still see us.  Filled out the requisite paperwork, in triplicate it seemed, and the receptionist took it.
Pia basking in sunshine!
Not a minute or two later Pia made these weird noises and twisted, with a contorted face, and then relaxed.  The receptionist asked if she has been doing that, and I responded yes, at least twice in the last day only.  About thirty seconds later I realized she was like a rag doll, could barely feel a pulse and also barely felt her breathing, it was as if the life left her.  The receptionist quickly came over, took her, and grabbed the doctor.  This happened in super fast motion.

Couple minutes later they usher me to a room so the doctor can explain the prognosis.

Turns out that was the last moment Pia was alive, when she left my arms.  One of her last breaths was when she was cradled in my lap.  Just prior to this, she did try to get off my lap, but kept her on.  Am sure she knew what was coming.  I was definitely grateful for this wonderful experience.  It is something which I will treasure, and remember, FOREVER.

While I wasn’t the best dad at times, Pia did teach me a lot, and I hope to have enriched her life, all 17 1/3 years of it.  She is truly a wonderful spirit and will always be around so I don’t stray too far from the path.

Leading up to this, have been doing what I can to help ease her pain, and maybe benefit her in some way.  Don’t think there is anything I could have done differently, other than be a better dad (hindsight is always 20/20).  I went through and cleared as many trapped emotions from her as I could.  There is a pretty long list, and have listed total numbers below.  I would like to think that this made her passing easier, and quicker, and better, to some extent, in that she was now released and ready.  Some people say I’ll never know, but I feel one day I will.

Pia in shower
There were 71 trapped emotions in the Heart Wall.
There were 14 trapped emotions outside the heart wall.
The longer the list, the more we’ve accomplished, right??

The weird thing about this is that she also had an inherited trapped emotion from her dad, and no clue who her dad was, or is.

This experience has been very hard on me so far.  It truly has taught me several lessons, and am sure more lessons learned will appear in the future from Pia.  I truly believe we never die, just transform into a different energy form since energy can’t be created nor destroyed.

Have never experienced loss like this before, and was never prepared for it to have such an impact.  No matter how many signs we see, it almost never is enough to prepare us.  I noticed couple signs before, such as Tuesday night, and the couple days leading up to that.  I kept doing my best to get her well, to eat, to relax.  I think that’s what a healthy relationship is all about, till the very end.  That is one lesson which she has taught me, a little late, but at least I learned.

Last picture of Pia trying to get out!
Next week will receive her ashes, and will most likely carry them with me for awhile, until find just the right place to let her go.  She loved to get outside, and I let her out under close supervision.  She would actually eat tall, or short, blades of grass.

Unfortunately I don’t recall much of her earlier life with me due to my alcohol dependency, but everything happens for a reason, and am sure will figure out the reasons soon enough.  One thing I really remember, is after bringing her back as a young kitten, she was very nervous due to unfamiliar surroundings.  We let her alone and she climbed on my water bed (at the time), got under the pillow, and left a turd sitting right there. She was staring right at us, and I can still see her eyes.

She is featured in my video, and will be featured in the coming years video also!

January 8th, 2014, a date that will change me forever.  Pia has passed on.  Though we never saw eye to eye, she was the life within my eyes.  She has taught me more than I will ever know, for it’s eternal love that matters, not how I throw. Though sometimes we wore gloves, you have been unwavering in your love.  Rest my Princess In Adoration.

May you rest in peace Pia.  You will be with me forever.