Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jojoba Hills - Aguanga, CA

So far this is the premier Escapee park that I have been too.  In a nutshell it's very active, hand built by the volunteers, except for some things involving dynamite and paving roads.  It is also maintained almost exclusively by members, and financially sound.

Some of the vista's are very nice, temperature this time of the year is quite nice.

The wonderful promotional video can be found here, and from what I've seen it's all true.

There are only two downsides.
  1. California
  2. Too young (unless find a Cougar 55 or older)

The people here are amazing and very friendly.  Have noticed a little in the way of politics and such, but for the most part it's really great!  There is an actual library, movie rental place, craft area, sewing area, quilt machine, and the list goes on.  There is a full featured wood shop, heated pool, two jacuzzi's, and a view from the pool and jacuzzi!

With this park there is a significant (to me) upfront initial investment, which will be returned if choose to leave the park, or to your estate. After that the monthly maintenance fee (payable all year I think) is very reasonable.  Beyond that, the only thing which are responsible for is helping with your talent(s) (it's a Co-op after all) and electricity/internet.  For internet they have four T1 lines coming in, and are in talks to possibly get a 40-6o Gbps Microwave link after T1 contract expires.

Will definitely come back to the park as people were amazing to me and actually learned a couple life lessons here.  It's a toss up in which park like the best so far, this one or one in Yuma.


  1. Looks like a nice place. Make sure to show them your Horseshoe skills. The cougars will come a running then!

    1. Shucks, knew I forgot something!! Need to do a rematch for horseshoes someday...