Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happenings of today

Don't have much to jot down today other than couple minor things, which will expand on a bit later.

Today received remains of Pia..  Wonderful Pia.  It looks like they did a really good job and am fairly confident that these are indeed her remains (i.e. ashes).  Will outline more soon.  Not even a sniffle.  I did great!

The last couple days it was close to, or over, 80 degrees.  Little toasty inside the RV but could be worse.  Had both exhaust fans going and the door open (screen in place) and was fairly nice, mid 80's at least.

Am about to head back to Nevada to get a screwup fixed that was done by DMV.  It is actually their fault as the VIN number was misread by one of them.  I kinda think they're in kahoots with the oil companies so I burn more diesel, but anyways..  Only 1/2 joking.  However it will work out in the long run.  If don't go back and have it read at a Nevada DMV office they will suspend registration as the insurance VIN number doesn't match up to VIN number on registration.  Guess they like to play hardball with insurance.  What a wonderful learning experience.

Haven't decided fully yet, but might be heading back to the LA area as there's an expo thing I would like to check out, close to end of the month.  Will see what the mood strikes, but have to start heading East shortly.

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  1. Mid 80's, man does that sound nice! I doubt we will be as lucky for our January ride coming up on the 25th. Soak it up for us buddy!