Saturday, January 11, 2014


As I had to leave Jojoba Springs, and reservation in Palm Springs area wasn't until Friday, decided had to go someplace.  It just so happens, someplace in the middle is a place called Idyllwild.  It is in the mountains, and was in a campsite at around 7,500 feet.  Highest I've ever been.

One GREAT thing is that was able to see trees again!  Real, honest to goodness trees.  Not real dirt, but at least had the trees!

It was a little chilly up here.  There were splotches of ice on the road, not a large deal on 6 wheels, little more concerning on 2 wheels.  In some of the shady areas there was snow on the ground, not a lot, just enough to notice.

Daytime high was around 60, nighttime low was around 35-40'ish.  I stayed here for only one night and it was quite pleasant.  The hills in the campground were HUGE!  I mean REALLY HUGE.  Lots of great views and vista's and all that happy fun stuff.

Getting to the campground was fairly easy.  It went along a mountain road which was skinny in someplaces but rather enjoyable.  Not much in the way of precipous drops, but there were quite a few stunning views, which couldn't really enjoy as had to keep eyes focused on road.

The town of Idyllwild is actually a very nice place.  Everything looked quaint and touristy to some extent.  Tourists probably sustain this town so a lot of things are geared towards them, but there did seem to be some real quaintness to be had.  Stuck to the main road myself as on a time schedule.

Am going to be heading back to this place if ever find myself in the area again, during the warmer months at least.

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