Sunday, November 16, 2014

A NEW Species!

I have not fully confirmed this so please take it as is, but believe have found a new species, heretofore unknown and undiscovered.  As the evidence is presented, please look past the grainy pictures.  These pictures had to be taken at a higher magnification than normal for my safety.

The first shot I was able to take of this mysterious creature in it's new habitat...  Look at that MENACING mouth.  Am assuming this is how this creature eats, though can't be too sure at this stage.
It seems that this creature is a hunter of some sorts due to this striking pose I was able to capture.

I was spotted in this picture, had to run for my life and barely managed to get away unscathed!

The following long range pictures are of this creature in more intimate settings.  My cat, Scatter, was able to befriend this creature and, with his assistance, was able to bait creature with incriminating evidence, in the off chance some "persuasive materials" are needed to coax it out of hiding, or vote for me in a certain manner.
Very questionable.  Wonder what was going through their minds...

Just a simple cuddle, or is it?  Could be deceiving, at least I wasn't chased away.

Is this the afterglow creatures have?

So, while I can't truly ascertain much about this new species without getting closer (which am working on), am pretty positive it's a female.  As such, have a preliminary name for it.


Prior to release into it's current environment, was able to get a quick picture of Olivia, but since release has been very difficult to get close to.

Her full album is here (think linked to most of the pictures.

Scatter has an updated album, and his is located here!  But here's a teaser!

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