Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kickstarter, Part Five

Still waiting on item from Post Office, which, oddly enough, UPS supposedly delivers to, so figured would do more KickStarter goodness instead of Scooter update...  i.e. Projects I've backed and whether or not it's good/bad/great/indifferent.

For your reading pleasure, my last installment of Kickstarter, Part Four.

Kickstarter, Funded!

Shroud of the Avatar

This is a game, and one produced by a game designer that's highly sought after.  My reward includes Alpha and Beta access.  One thing, at least with the initial games, is it requires you to be online in order to play it, which instantly turns me off.  Can choose not to play with anyone while "online", but it still requires an internet connection.  Due to this, I haven't given game time enough to prove/disprove itself, but seems like a solid game and very well thought out.  Maybe will enjoy it a little more after they disable the mandatory online connection.

Mind afire: A Graphic Novel of Nikola Tesla

Some may disapprove of my opinion, but it's just that, my opinion.  I truly believe Nikola Tesla is very underrated in terms of what he's given society, not to mention that, upon his death, the government confiscated lots (all?) of his work papers.  He truly was on the way to change the world even more!  If only he wasn't so naive with business dealings.  The Oatmeal nailed his accomplishments home!  I really enjoyed this book, and did receive it in a timely manner with very little, if any, delays (I forget).  Wanted to show my support for a man that no one ever truly understood....  Somewhat like me, but he was much more brilliant, and he remembered his dreams!

Kissing // A Documentary Short

This is another project which have no clue why I backed, but at the time it seemed like a decent idea.  I did get to watch the documentary, but there was some "drama" between some of the people who created it and unsure if it's fully resolved or not.  I do my darndest to avoid drama of any kind.  Think one of the reasons I liked it is that it's a unique topic in that don't think anyone's ever made a documentary about it.  The documentary was very well put together and am quite happy with this project! Not counting the drama.

Kickstarter, NOT Funded!

Whoremoms - A documentary on Sex Work and the Family Court.

While I don't financially support this profession, I do see it as a valid profession that's not fully recognized, or understood, within our country.  In a lot of other countries, like quite a few in Europe, the professionals are subject to strict scrutiny, and protection, under the countries laws, and they're generally seen as providing a valuable service.  In the U.S. it is severely shunned upon, and one of those "trigger" topics politicians use to get voted into office saying they're tough on Sex Workers (a.k.a. Elliot Spitzer).  So, it was with some sadness, that this project didn't get funded, but such is the nature of KickStarter.

The BEST DUVET, made with corners that STAY!

So, I have to admit, something about this totally slipped my mind until just now..  Am a little (a lot) embarrassed by it too, but everyone who knows me understands.  This project wasn't funded as it didn't get the required minimum, however, the project creator still went ahead as she already had the fabric.  I chose to only get the Organic Duvet cover (as have a Nikken Comforter already).  She shipped it out within a month or two of this project not being funded, and sent me an invoice.  Turns out, hence my embarrassment, is that I NEVER PAID her...  OOOOOPS...  She had faith in me to pay and I totally blew it!  Another story of my life, but why am on this journey.  Not sure how will make amends with her but am sure there's something I can do... Reason I liked this project is have been searching for an organic Duvet cover for awhile and never truly found one that I felt good about, until this came along.  I also liked idea of corners that "hung in there".  Want to do that with my comforter but haven't yet.

The 8-Key: 8GB USB Key - Find Your Keys, Save Your Day

This project was over 1/2 way there, but didn't have enough oooomph to make it.  Believe this was before the Snowden revelations.  Am sure if they relaunched this, with better encryption, it would make it.  Encryption, in any form, is always a great idea, and it's nice to see more and more organizations see that!

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