Thursday, November 6, 2014

Internet woes... The good and icky of mobile internet

Well, I was quite happy to finally get Reliable Internet back in the day, while bypassing the BIG cell phone companies policies and procedures, and of course, their astronomical rates.

Well, today (actually yesterday) I was totally dismayed about having to bite the bullet and deal with Verizon directly..  Brings shivers to thee spine I tell ya.

For my work, and blog needs, internet is a necessity, as important as water and electricity.  It is this way to most of society too, yet it's not treated as a necessity, more as a "luxury", with a price to match.

NOTE:  This post is more of a rant than anything constructive, so please hit back button if easily offended or don't want to know some of my inner thoughts.  These opinions are my own too, and no one else's.

This directly affected me when got a followup email regarding Verizon's apparent refusal to continue reselling their services through a company called Millenicom.  I was very dismayed when called Millenicom Thursday morning and they confirmed what happened.  Knew it was bad news indeed, though it happened couple weeks ago.  Verizon, being the "good" company they are, gave us an additional week or so in October, to make up our minds.  How kind (insert sarcastic tone)...

For your reading pleasure (I've already read), here is some information regarding what went down that we know about.

As a result of this change Millenicom also had to lay off a majority of their workers (so I read someplace).  It was a real pleasure to have dealt with them and I hope they get another alternative soon as will definitely go back!

It seems like Verizon doesn't really like heavy mobile users, or they see a cash cow, as the prices keep going up!!

When first signed up paid $69.99 for 20GB (tax/fee included)

Month after signed up paid $89.99 for 20GB (tax/fee included)

NOW, pay $99.99 for 20GB (PLUS taxes and fees) so approximately an additional $10-15

If highway robbery was legal this would be it.
If Extortion was legal this would be it.
If being sodomized with an unlubed pineapple was legal, this would be the result (stolen from someone on reddit).

Am sure some people are wondering why I say these things about such a fine and outstanding company as Verizon..  Let me shine thy light....

Due to recent FCC talk about "Net Neutrality":
Comments from FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler

Verizon threatens to sue unless weaker rules are implemented
Verizon caught throttling Netflix traffic, after pay for faster service
Using VPN on Verizon FIOS allows normal Netflix speeds
Verizon intentionally slowing speeds

Supercookies are a THING! And guess who's using them...

Most people will say "This doesn't affect me, why should I worry".  This is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand they're right, it won't affect them if they don't use.  On the other hand, if other companies follow suit (there are only four major cellular providers in the US) then it could affect them.  It's just like when one airline raises, or lowers, their fares, other airlines generally follow suit.  Cell phone providers could act in a similar manner.

There are also certain comments that their CEO has mentioned, but can't recall them nor can I find them in my quick search.

When signing up for the service, I had to call twice. First time was on hold for 45 minutes (yes, forty five) then get abruptly disconnected (yes, hung up on).  Was then on hold for 42 minutes until a nice young lady answered from Maine who got me setup.  I apologize to her as I was a little bit grumpy about the whole ordeal, but she was a pleasure to deal with.  Though am sure will have "adventures" later on.

Compare this to Millenicom, where if I had to call (like to sign up), the phone was answered within five minutes, and everyone I talked to was quite pleasant and happy (could tell it was real happy too, instead of forced happy).

I truly wish there was a clear alternative to broadband for mobile users but sadly there isn't, unless Google, or someone else, can enter the market with some super cheap mini satellite things or unkown alien technology that would render the cellular networks obsolete.  I would consider using T-Mobile, but their coverage, and speeds, leaves a lot to be desired for someone as mobile as me.  Sprint is also an option, but their coverage is abysmal outside of big metro areas.  Could use AT&T also, but they're "almost" as bad as Verizon.

So, here we are, hoping and praying alternatives exist, but finding next to none.  Will see what happens, with a lot of luck will get a better nationwide alternative.

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  1. I truly do feel your pain. We had Verizon 12-years ago then moved half-way across the country to a location with one little Verizon-free island. Yep. That's where we happen to live. AT&T is our only option, but fortunately we've had good service. So far. Still waiting for that alien technology to save all of us.

    Raymond Wood @ Datastream Communications, LLC