Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finally, reliable internet!

Phew, what a week it was, and have quite a few choice words to say about the internet connection had in Apache Junction, AZ.  I am sure the locals would disagree with my sentiment, but this is a suburb of the Greater Phoenix area, in that it's part of the same big "cluster" as Phoenix.  While I really enjoyed my week in the area, until the rain hit and temperatures nose dived, the internet provider at the campground, Jabba Communications, left ALOT to be desired in terms of speed, connectivity, and reliability.  While I didn't call their customer service line, out of fear of being sent overseas, didn't seem like it was a problem on my end.  And now it's working fine at the new campground.

Anyways, long story short, never ever ever again.  If am forced to use them again might as well chop off the cajones far as I'm concerned.  Would much rather beebop around to McD's and coffee joints, in freezing weather, than deal with their network again.....
On to happier thoughts now that I got that out of the way!

Left Cottonwood, AZ 11/17/2013 (a Sunday) and took the relatively short trip to Apache Junction, to meet with a new Comrade who was staying at this particular campground, which is part of the Encore system.  While this park is nice and the residents were great, I must say would be hard pressed to stay in this park again, not only because of the internet access problems I had, but that it's a "typical" RV experience, with concrete pads, tall dainty palm trees, and not much else.  It was also a little pricey for what get, but had Passport America so that helped.  Am very happy that was limited to a stay of 7 days at 50% off.

Am sure if the internet was reliable (not necessarily fast) it would've been a far better experience.

So, it was with mixed feelings that I had to leave.  While there met quite a few people, saw a couple arrive (from Michigan I think).  He was 81 and still getting about darn good. Not sure how old his wife was, nor do they typically volunteer that information.  Everyone I met there was excellent, even talked a little bit about our current political system, and seems like everyone is in agreement about how "wonderful" it is.....  No matter political affiliation.

Pulled Pork

While enroute to the Ghost town NorthEast of Apache Junction, saw a sign for a restaurant.  At the time thought it was part of the Ghost town, but apparently it isn't.  The restaurant, Mining Camp Restaurant, was actually quite nice.  They have a lunch/dinner show that is supposedly pretty popular.  Heard them talking about a large number of reservations for that evening.

The one thing which is making me write about this restaurant is the pulled pork sandwich I had.  A little on the pricey side, and it wouldn't have been as good without the sauce on it, but it was really awesome!  Have had better pulled pork on Vashon Island (at a pizza place no less), and even better at AS220 (in Providence, RI).  This was piled quite high with yumminess.  The presentation was quite good.  The fries were also good, for being fries.

Superstition mountain in background

Ghost Town

Entrance (looking from inside
I didn't snap many pictures here as it was a little chilly, I was full and ready for a nap, and there was too much to look at.  Think will be back in the area to take a look around again.  Really wanted to check out Washington Dam, but it was little chilly and getting late.
View of superstition mountain

 This was actually quite interesting.  Took a tour of the mine, or a recreation of parts of it, and was surprised at what the main shaft looked like.  While it was quite comfortable down there this time (not far below the surface, the real mine back then it was over 100 degrees and quite humid.

This was a real working mine town for about 4 or 5 years until they went into the aquifer, pumped all the water to a dam higher up, and then the dam burst after several days of heavy heavy rain.

Overall it is a very interesting place, and as mentioned already, will be back to take a deeper look, in warmer weather.

Main street of mining town

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  1. Dealing with unreliable internet connections sucks. We are currently living in rural Kentucky, and we were told when we moved here that high speed cable internet was available. We were basically lied to! Our "juice" runs out after only about two weeks, and then if we want faster internet, we have to pay more on top of our monthly bill.