Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cottonwood, AZ

Left Vegas and headed to a Thousand Trails resort just outside of Cottonwood.  When was in Newport OR, well, just south of Newport, signed up for a membership for this chain of resorts.  For what it is, an RV park, it actually is a really great value!  Typically, with couple exceptions, not packed in like sardines, which is a super great thing.  Granted, still can see neighbor most times but at least don't hear their snoring through the walls (probably not that bad at most parks, but get drift).

The drive itself was about 300 miles, not overly bad for a day.  The drive itself was rather bland as was only on the highway/freeway and didn't have any other stops planned.  This picture is going down a moderate slope on the road and a large lake is visible.  Can't remember where this was, but think it's Lake Mead.  The lake, behind Hoover Dam, is still low as can see the rock discoloration from highpoint of the water.

Drove through Prescott, AZ in search of a station which sold biodisel.  Sadly it didn't exist, but did see a neat little town. Stopped at a supermarket to top the tank off, which was sorely needed.  Put about 40 gallons in.  Need to get fuel gauge fixed.

There was a little wind issues but overall it wasn't too terribly bad.

Jerome, AZ

While in Cottonwood, made a short trip over to Jerome.  Didn't stop and see the sights, but they had a nice quaint little downtown, lots of small mom and pop stores.  It is a higher elevation than cottonwood and sports quite the view!

No idea where I was when took this picture.  There is an old haunted museum and gift shop (surrounded by rusted vehicles, just looks old), and I took a dirt road that forked off.  The road didn't have any guard rails and it was a steep drop if strayed at all.  There was a sign which said that this road went to Prescott, don't think would've followed it.  Had to return as sun was setting, and it starts to get chilly super fast when there's no sunlight.

Will be making another trip back to the museum.  I could tell, from where I was, they had a large, and old, Lister engine.  It looks unique and make a unique sound when running, but it's super efficient due to having a large flywheel to keep momentum going.  These engines are very versatile and many are in use from the time they were first manufactured, often in harsh conditions (think middle of Africa as example).  They're super reliable and very low maintenance, both things I like.  And there's something relaxing about hearing it putter along.

Am not done with Cottonwood, just need to put some things down before it passes from memory.

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