Friday, November 1, 2013

Some new additions...

Have acquired couple new tasks to do, and have the required skills/hardware to do it.

Satellite Internet

Picked up a satellite internet system for HughesNet.  Have read mixed reviews of this system.  Supposedly can use this in any of the lower 48 states and will be grandfathered in so don't have to use the new system (crossing fingers on that part).

The new modems they're using (along with a new satellite) uses a spot beam.  What this means is that the transponder which have to connect to is only for your smallish area (typically couple states).  In a way this is good due to more users per satellite, but poses a problem if travel the U.S.  Additionally, if tell them I'm mobile then it's a problem (old or new hardware) as they only do static installs, like at a house.

There is another option where can still use the same hardware by going through Montana Satellite.  Have heard awesome things about this company and they have authorization from HughesNet to create new customer accounts using the older hardware, though monthly rates are more than doubled.

New Flooring!!!!

Tile version 1

While in Pahrump, NV stumbled across a small flooring store, Carpet and Drapery Warehouse.

Am going a little out of order due to latest sequence of visitations, as was in Pahrump, went to Vegas for conference, back to Pahrump for registration, and went back to Vegas for the satellite.  However, felt the need to put up an update.

Tile Version 2
This wonderful little store gave me a deal I couldn't pass up.  It was a great deal on some DuraCeramic floor tiles, which look like real ceramic tiles, but is actually linoleum, or something like that.  Looks really awesome, take a look at some of the pictures.

Having installed real ceramic tile am familiar with the general process, and am sure there are only subtle differences.  Due to being in an RV, I have to install these as a "floating floor", in that it's not glued directly to the subfloor, but glued to a fabric sheet, or something.  This allows the floor to move and flex easier.

Will be mixing/matching them to create a pattern.  Have couple other styles to choose from, but am really excited to start this.  It will spruce things up quite a bit, and less work to keep clean.

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