Saturday, November 16, 2013

Handlebar issues

Well, now I know why the tire was so easy going on...

It seems like when they tied down the scooter onto the trailer for the two back to the RV, the left handlebar got bent.

As we unloaded the scooter, he noticed, and I saw also, that the rubber was pulled towards the end of the handlebar.  Thinking nothing of it figured it was ok and let it go.  Even though have tied down the scooter 30-40 times and never, ever, had that happen.

Will be contacting the towing company about it, so hopefully this is resolved.  Noticed it when strapping the bike down for travel, and as can be seen by the pictures, there is a larger than normal gap.

After the tow was complete, tire was repaired, and rode it the first time, it did seem a little off but thought nothing of it until saw it so dramatic.  It looks like the metal has been weakened.

Bottom left measurement
Bottom right measurement

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