Monday, November 25, 2013

Travel to Congress.. Arizona that is.

It's unusual for me to leave so early.  Packed up in Apache Junction and hit the road well before 10 am.

Started along with intention of going to Camping World to look at an electric add-on to make my water heater both electric and gas, then off to Congress.  There have been times where it's been couple days between showers, and adding this is one step in remedying that..  No more Pepe LePew time...

The add-on is called Hott Rod, and it's a fairly simple and straight forward install.  It plugs right into an outlet, utilizing normal electricity and has it's own thermostat.  Will be posting about the install, complete with pictures.

While at Camping World also picked up a replacement exhaust fan.  Have two in the roof, one is almost brand new and the other one is an original, which doesn't work.  The doesn't work part is the fan motor and not sure where to get one.  Will be posting about this install too.

Wonderful people we meet

While at Camping World, in Mesa, AZ, there was an RV there with a satellite internet dish setup and they were dry camping.  This was neat, so approached and looked around Satellite dish, and heard some rustling and tools moving on other side of RV.

When walked around there was a gentleman getting up after rummaging around underneath.  I had to ask him about his satellite dish and then the conversation blossomed from there.

While I forgot his name (sorry), I will never forget his story.

He, and his wife, had a beautiful 4,000 square foot house in Northern Idaho.  They started looking around at RV's, talking with people, and exploring the lifestyle.  This process, for them, lasted about three years, and they had only one condition..  They must sell their home.  Then they can continue with their dream.

Once their home was sold, they chose an RV, and paid for it with proceeds from the house (which they built).  At the time, the price difference between a New RV and one less than five years old, was about $15,000.  For them, it was best to buy new.  This was about 7 years ago.

Now, it's just him, roaming around, writing (not blogging) his adventures, and enjoying life.  He has taken up a new interest in music.  Knows how to play the guitar and is learning three (yes three) new instruments.  He also dry camps (outside of a campground) almost exclusively and doesn't hang around the rallies, yet has a good network of friends.  He is also an avid photographer!

Reason it's just him is his wife passed away after their RV journey started.  Didn't inquire on circumstances or timing, didn't really care to as he would've mentioned if it was important for me to know.

Reason I bring him up, is that everyone has their own story to share, about life, about what they're doing, and what keeps them ticking.  This is one of the things I was thinking about when wrote The Meaning.  I want to create my story.  I will create my story, maybe our story, who knows what life will spring forth.  The story will be part of The Meaning.

One thing he commended me on (li'l ole me) is my decision to pursue this and also the decision to get a diesel RV.

He also reinforced my belief, not that I know his past, but it is what we do today with our life that defines who we are.  Not what will happen in the future, or in the past, it's all about how we're living our lives today.

Solar Install

Of particular note for this one, after looking at his satellite dish setup, was the solar system, which I couldn't even see.  There is a lot which goes into it, and he described in good detail, here are the items which he went with.

  • Large battery storage (he has 8 deep cycle batteries total, 2 banks of 4 linked together)
  • Has 3 large panels on roof (don't recall watts), and can fit 5 more (wow)
  • Make sure panels fit your roof layout, paying attention to access paths
  • Charge Controller, he specifically chose Blue Sky, due to being able to "boost" the amps going into battery during heavy charging (when batteries are depleted)
  • Installed it himself when purchased RV
  • Has a 2000W inverter/charger with pure sine wave to supply 120V power throughout RV when using batteries (I don't have this currently)

All in all, spent 45 minutes talking with this wonderful person.  Everyone I have met so far (knock on wood) is very willing to talk and help and talk some more.  It's very very refreshing!  There is so much more we covered and it's hard not to jot everything down.

Powerful support

Turned off I-10 enroute to camping world, sitting at the stoplight waiting to take my left, looking down and seeing all the little people in their cars (and a sport motorcycle), when all of a sudden my phone rang.  Odd...  But pleasant!

Person on the other end is a wonderfully successful business builder, who wanted to spend time with me (yes me) to help me out (another surprise)!  This is one of the few times where I was quite happy and content and sure of everything in life!

This couple, Mary Lou and Larry, are very successful in couple of businesses.  While very successful in their prior business, it came at a cost of 60 to 80 hour work weeks with no time for pause.  They chose to switch gears, and priorities, and are now very successful in another business, with a totally different lifestyle, where work isn't really work, it's helping ordinary people live their dreams.

We spent over 90 minutes talking about everything, hopes, dreams, their life, and my fledgling life.  They provided me with several insights into how they're able to live the dream, and how everyone can live their own dream.  It is really a very simple formula. The only stumbling blocks are ourselves.

Am still processing what we talked about, but the couple things I can share now are:
  • Listen to everyone, hear their dreams and desires and focus on those, and they'll enable yours
  • All the hurdles we face we put upon ourselves
I used to think, with mostly disdain, that life is all about who you know, and who you step on to get ahead.  While it's helped me sometimes, most of the time it's due to my detriment (think big government).

However, it's because of people like Mary Lou and Larry, and the ideas they represent, that am now swinging my view around.  There are many many other people I will meet in this journey who will exude the same qualities that these two do.  Am only now experiencing the tip of a great iceberg, a wonderful iceberg, that will propel my coming dream to new heights!

Life is not all about who you know, life is what you do with the people you know.

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