Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First box of Goodies!!!!

And some mail too, but this is about the goodies..

This is the first box of stuff received from my mail forwarder.  It included some stuff from projects have backed on Kickstarter, and also some items from AdaFruit, which will be shown in later posts.


First to point out is some nutritionals. Not much to say here, got some anti-oxidants, and lots of other good stuff in Ciaga (not Viagra I must say).  Also have some Kenzen Vital Balance (a meal replacement), which is chock full of Organic goodness, including lots of MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides), probiotics, lots of good enzymes, and even some chlorella to help detoxify.  If I was diabetic, this has the potential (varies by person) to help regulate blood sugar.  And some more filters for my shower head to give me better water for a smoother skin (aaaw), cleaner shower, using less soap, and vastly reduced chlorine and other nasties.

Practical Meter

This is one of the things backed on Kickstarter.  It is a handy tool to know how fast items are charging.  I backed it at a level where could get the meter and a handy-dandy cable

 It has 3 power connectors, one each of Micro USB, Mini USB, and Apple Dock.  While I personally don't own apple products currently who knows what tomorrow will bring.  It is possible to power more than one device at a time.  So, if use this pig-tail connector, I could charge an apple product, and also two more, one with a Micro and one with a Mini connector.  It reduces how fast things charge, as the USB port will only output so much juice, but it's possible if in a crunch.

The lights, 5 of them, light up depending on how much current is drawn.  This allows us to identify what USB connection will charge the fastest.  The cables themselves are fast charging cables in that there's only power and ground wires and no data transfer (xfer) wires.  If use a different cable it is still possible to transfer data even when have this product in place, but charging might be slowed down, sometimes significantly.

This project was a little late in comparison to when they projected it would be done by, but that's alright as am quite happy with the product!

Now, for some reason, and will be checking with the project creators, I received two of these when only backed one.  Due to number of projects I've backed am not quite sure if this one has doubled my rewards.  Think there were one or two that have.  So, will be a good person and verify.

Adafruit goodies

Not related to Kickstarter, and forgot exactly what I ordered, but they have a Sous-Vide kit (in the box) and also picked up a temperature measuring device.  Maybe a couple other things too.  Will detail it later.


Will post a full review of this later, but the project creator, Tom Cannon, actually carried the olympic torch one year.  He posted a picture of it in one of his updates, Update 24.  I thought was very neat as not many people get the opportunity.

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