Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Health Revolution

You may wish to view a video of a Canadian Heart Association at this point. Did you know that the average Canadian lives the last ten years of his/her life in physical suffering?

I personally know of someone that has a relative in the Canadian Healthcare system.  Based on what they have shared, the relative is truly institutionalized (in my view).  As an example, was told that they were planning on enjoying a meal with their relative prior to leaving town.  It so happens that, after they sat down and started eating, neither of them could finish the meal as the food served was not truly edible.  After was done visiting, they left and got a "real meal" someplace else, leaving their portion of the food unfinished.

It breaks my heart to hear about these things since I know that there are solutions to 99.9% of the problems out there, natural solutions to help the amazing human body heal itself.  The solutions are not necessarily Nikken products, but they are equally as natural and organic.  Medicines only address symptoms, they don't address the root cause of the symptom, which is where we truly need to focus.

We have to take health into our own hands, be responsible for ourselves, for our future, for everything we do.  If we hand off responsibility for our health, and other things, to a third party, such as our doctor (which are wonderful and do their best), it might not be in our best interest.  The doctors of today are not taught healthy living.  They are taught about sickness and what to do if we're sick, not what to do for us to lead a healthy life.

If break healthy into two words, it's Heal Thy..  Such as Heal thy self.

I don't know about you, but I AM NOT going to live my life like the video portrays, hence:

This brings me to my reason for visit to Vegas.  Attended a Nikken Leadership Conference. 

EN High 5 Life - BalanceThe highlight of the conference, for me, was listening to Wolfgang Sonnenberg, who achieved the highest level as a Nikken consultant in record time.  Listening to him talk, and share his vision, and passion, is truly rewarding.  His prior life, before seeing the big vision of Nikken, was a lawyer.

During his talks, he promoted a website to help inspire people to follow and live their dreams, whatever they might be.  The dream, and the big vision, is basically this image.  It is to have everything in balance, allowing most people to live a truly happy life.  If at least one of these are out of balance, it throws everything out of balance.

Everyone has their own definition to what these five pillars mean, so it is up to you to determine what a Healthy Mind, Family, Society, Body, and Finance truly mean.

There were numerous other highlights, too numerous to mention, but this was really why I came.  Could make this sound more like an infomercial but that's not the purpose of this blog.

The Health Revolution starts with us taking control of our health, and lives.  No matter what path we choose to accomplish this, it truly starts with us.  It is never too late!

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