Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pending Blog Move

While I don't have a specific place, nor domain, nor anything concrete yet, I feel the need to move this blog to another host.  This will probably take place in next couple weeks and will post a link pointing to new location.

I get the feeling that Google, among other interests, is encroaching on some things that I feel uncomfortable with, not specifically with the blogging software, but other things.  I'm also looking at you NSA, et al.

As such, have found an open source blogging platform and will be finding a host to host it on, which means a new domain name and all that jappy hazz (happy jazz).  This new blog platform uses JavaScript and is very powerful, not in an odirific sense.

Realize some organizations will just take the data and store it forever and ever no matter where it is, but I would like at least the illusion of some type of control.  Am not really a control freak that I know of, I swear!

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