Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Death Valley Revisited

Had to go back to Pahrump after the Vegas visit.  Upon going back decided needed to take another day to visit the places I missed in Death Valley.  It was awesome but as always, more places appeared that still want to go back and visit.

It was very hard to choose which pictures liked the best, so uploaded most of the ones I took to an album and highlighted some of those here.  My first time taking Panoramic shots, think they turned out fairly well!

Dantes View

This place has an awesome view, marvelous little hikes, and little trails to walk along (if so inclined).  It just so happens I'm a little squeamish about heights, but enjoy the view nonetheless.  Put me on edge of house roof and am walking on egg shells.  About 5 feet away from edge have no problems at all.  It started out this way while walking along the trails to get to the vantage point linked in the sub heading.

Golden Canyon Trail

Spent way too much time here, but it was a great little hike and no regrets.  It did cost me from stopping at The Natural Bridge, but didn't know the Natural Bridge was down the road either.

This is basically a set of trails made in the washouts from the mountains.  Part of the trail I followed used to be a road from when people came out here in their old Model T's, but only passable now by foot, or hoof.

Somewhat related to Model T's.  While riding along the road came upon a small caravan (about 5) of older cars.  One was definitely a Model T, while the others were from that same general time frame.  Was great to see them out there.

Badwater Basin

 Surprisingly in a way, this was located just under my feet while at Dantes View.  On the map, just to the south of this point, the road "bubbles out", and while at the top told myself would get to where it bubbled out.  Well, the road was cloased just after the spring, but would still say achieved my goal.  Strangely enough, the closure sign said closed due to flooding..  It's beginning to look like that's a standard sign for roads in poor repair...  At least in the desert with no visible standing water (except at this spring).

Apparently the spring travels many hundreds of miles through bedrock, picking up all sorts of minerals.  The infomercial sign mentioned that the name stuck after some early travelers couldn't get their mules to drink from it, and called it bad water.

Not much here, just something to see.  Time to move on...


At the end had to cut some of my stops short as wanted to get back to the RV park before it got too late and the before the sun started setting (temperature drops fast).

Will definitely be back in the area to see more wonders of Death Valley.  There is a big 600 foot hole not far from Scotty's castle that is full of color, the Natural Bridge, and many other sights to see.  Life definitely works in mysterious ways at times.

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