Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Minor Curtain track repair and Scooter goodness!

Today I hopped on the scooter and took off to Yarnell, Arizona.  This is where a tragedy occurred this past summer where many fire fighters unexpectedly perished while fighting a blaze.  Here is one article which found, haven't read, but it's for those curious.  Many more out there.

Was a great day for a ride and a great day for the Scooter!  Today I surpassed 45,000 miles on the odometer!  YAY.  Surpassed this on way back to Congress, AZ.

Have also seen some other neat milestones.  Probably of no significance to anyone but wanted to post.

Mileage on 11/2/2013
Mileage on 11/9/2013

Had lunch someplace on 11/8/2013 and noticed this pickle


Curtain Repair

This is a repair to the track for the privacy curtain which closes around the drivers cab on a Class A RV.  Shortly after took to the road I somehow snagged the curtain on the drivers side (while it was in traveling position) and popped screw out.  This fix should keep it secure as there is now a little "give" due to how did the repair.

Prior it was screwed into the cheap sawdust board by a tiny little screw.  Now there is a longish bolt that goes through the floor of the little cabinet above the drivers door.  The nut rests on floor of that compartment, which is suspended somehow over the bottom of the cabinet itself (i.e. it's a false floor of sorts).  While this is not foolproof, it was an easier way to fix it compared to some other methods.  I think the false floor also gives it some flex, some give, so it won't be apt to break again.

Wonderful hardware store!
This is the reason I chose to go to Yarnell, one of the reasons anyways.  There is a hardware store there and I really enjoy supporting small, local businesses.  The hardware store was an awesome one too!  This picture can't describe the joy I had going into the store.  Little bit of everything all crammed into the small store.  Shelves upon shelves of stuff.

In here they helped me find a proper bolt (based on sample I had).  Was able to pick up another set of drill bits (couldn't seem to find the two sets that pretty sure I have with me someplace).

Again, felt good to support local stores, even more so after the tragedy they had!

Tools of the trade
Step 1:  Gather together all materials.  These included a thin bladed slotted screwdriver, a phillips headed screwdriver (never used), the bolt and nut (from hardware store), and two washers (had on hand), along with some thread locker (had on hand also).

Pre fixing
Step 2:  Examine area and drill out hole to support the longer fastening device.  This picture can show the how it was broken and can barely make out where the hole is for the screw.  Can also tell how long the existing screw was, which is a primary reason it didn't last long, with my clumsiness.

Washer and sealant
Step 3: Insert bolt and fasten.  I was either very lucky, or very skilled (prefer skilled) in estimation of length of bolt I would need as didn't have a clue.  Brought a sample bolt from my old MakerBot CupCake #1670 with me to the hardware store and told the guy who helped me...  Something like this about twice as long.  And it worked, barely.  When got it through, put the washer on (washer already on below), and then squirted a drop or two of the red thread sealant, which can barely tell here.  Notice how not much of the bolt sticks up, hence being lucky or skilled.

With bolt on
The thread sealant will help lessen the chances of the bolt loosening and falling off end of the bolt.  This stuff is commonly used in areas of high vibrations, or where really don't want it to fall off.

 Step 3A: Just picture of nut on.  Notice how none of the bolt protrudes above the nut.

All done!  YAY

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