Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost squishy....

This afternoon was an afternoon I wish to not repeat.  Nothing overly bad happened as everything turned out pretty much ok.

Went for a late lunch/dinner, and was passing the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, AZ.  At the north-western corner of the base there is a large intersection.  While at this intersection, stopped, saw this sport motorcycle, which is important to what happened to me, approach the intersection going fairly fast.  At the last minute he stomped on the brakes, lifting the rear wheel off the ground, stopped, tried to recover, and went down in a flurry (slo-mo to him am sure).

Couple people immediately went to help him.  I tried to get up there but couldn't as some cars were right behind him and blocked it, so turned my hazards on.  The sport bike driver (no passenger) could be seen limping for a bit and everyone pushed his bike off to the side.

Now, I was in the lane going straight (north), the crash happened in one of the lanes going west (turning left).  I was in the left most (out of two) lanes going straight, and off to left of the lane.  The vehicle in front of me (a nice looking Jeep), immediately got on the phone and called someone, assuming 911. Heard him give location and other details of what just happened.

The driver of the Jeep suddenly started backing up, for an unknown reason.  He didn't see me in his left side view mirror (could clearly see him) and I was in shock (think he checked rear view and I wasn't there).  Soon as recovered from the shock, banged on the horn and he finally realized and stopped.  At this point was leaning the bike to the left to keep it upright until he pulled forward.  Was actually pushed off to the side, didn't lean it on myself.

The plastic part scraped against his bumper and left some marks on my plastic, but nothing was broken, just scratched and scuffed.  I was still in disbelief when he asked me if everything was alright..  So wanted to lash out with some, umm, choice words, but kept cool and just said yup, was more concerned about the sport bike.

Anyways, long story short he took off when light changed and I didn't pursue anything, nor get his license plate.  His good'ish deed was negated by the almost squishy, but I wasn't hurt, no major damage done, so it's all good.

So, please be very aware of things no matter where you are..  Be it people on one, two, three, or more wheels, always be aware.  OF EVERYTHING!!!!

This, inattentive people (I'm to blame sometimes too), is one reason why I ALWAYS wear safety gear.  Not as much as I should, but the very basics imho.  Helmet, gloves, and padded/armored jacket.  Never ever leave without it, ever.

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