Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reiki and other oddities

So today it's all about oddities, or what most people refer to as oddities.  In my mind there is at least some truth to everything that people do in life.  Such as customs, beliefs, ways of doing things, and all that other joyful stuff.


Reiki is a form of energy medicine.  At least in the U.S., I have found that most people who know, or practice Reiki, are fluent in different aspects of metaphysical stuff.  Tonight was my first time where I have actually participated in Reiki, both as a giver and as a receiver.

I was invited to go to someone's home where there was a total of about 10 people, one older gentleman, one slightly older gentlemen, and the rest were older ladies, who didn't seem old as they radiated youthful essence.  More later on the person who invited me.

When I laid down for them to do whatever they do for Reiki, didn't really feel much.  Did feel at peace, felt comfortable around friends (which just met) and overall felt really balanced.  Also was very warm, not sweating, but warm and comfortable, such as under a nice thick blanket.

One of the ladies who assisted, down by my feet, actually told me of a vision she had of me, and one of my past lives.  Everyone seemed to comment that I had positive and stable energy, perfect for this type of work (Reiki, or energy medicine in general I assume).

The experience which she saw was where I was a Native American (Indian).  My dad was a big warrior who was known throughout the lands, and was very well respected.  I was 11 at the time, and was off in the foothills of the desert, practicing with a bow and arrow, shooting random things, hoping to make my dad very proud of how his son was progressing!  While walking along one of the ledges I slipped and fell to my death.  She said that I had left my body (spirit) as was falling.

Now, none of this rang a bell, and it seemed like she was genuine in what was being told to me.  However, the lady who invited me, which will get to later, was overcome with emotions when first started this, like she knew me at the time, either as a mother or something else, not sure and it doesn't matter.  What matters is just acknowledging the experience and moving forward.

This could explain why I am not a fan of heights, particularly near the edges of a roof.  Am fine up high and a good distance away from the edges, but soon as get close to the edge have to start crawling.  Know am not alone in this, and know everyone hasn't had a similar "past life experience", like was explained to me, but it at least makes a little sense.


Set of cards and guidebook
Card I drew
While there, we also drew a card.  Here is a picture of the card, along with the book which held the meanings.  At bottom of the card is the affirmation which describes part of the meaning of the card.  We each drew one.

Mine was fulfillment, and the affirmation is "Joy abounds in all areas of my life".

No idea, just posting my expriences.

Humane Society

Last week, shortly after arrived in this park in Yuma, attended a charity lunch for the local humane society.  As part of the lunch, I also chose to sponsor an animal, specifically an unknown cat, from being euthanized if they were not adopted.  Supposedly a $100 donation ($50 because of the group at the park) spares an animal, for "life", from being euthanized.  Not sure how it works, and won't pretend to know, but at least I have some sort of warm and fuzzy.

While here, they also had some tables setup selling goods, where the proceeds went to the humane shelter.   One of the tables had bunch of necklaces and stuff, nothing too appealing for me. However, after passing by this table, one piece kept sticking out at me.  After several more look see's, and waiting till the very end, knew I had to come home around my neck.

Not really sure why I had to have this, but it just felt right.  Now, the lady who put on the lunch is also the one who was selling the necklaces.  She also invited me to Reiki tonight.  Normally this doesn't happen to me, with womenfolk (no offense intended with anyone) that is, but she has also been doting over me while here.  She's retired, and her, and her husband, travel throughout the U.S.  But this connection goes back to before this lifetime.

It goes back to at least the Indian, as she got a strong emotional connection.  Which rarely happens.  She has also been acting uncharactarestically (spelling?) since I've been here.  It really is like we have known each over for a very long time!

Past Lives

While I tend not to dwell, or share, too much metaphysical stuff, this lady and I really knew each other in the past, close to a certain degree (not sure which degree, nor does it matter).  It was like we knew each other almost instantly and it's been weird.

It seems like we had a connection back when I was 11 and a native american, but also I felt we had a different type of connection when I was a logger in Oregon before.  It was a strange feeling.

Had a similar, but stronger feeling, while I was at the Permaculture course in Montana with one of my friends there.  Knew instantly then why I was there (at the course), and first time sharing it with who knows who..

Other Projects

In the coming days, will be posting a completed project or two which am happy to finally have gotten done.  At least one of those posts will be about a ceiling exhaust fan I replaced, and maybe the HottShot electric water heater "conversion", due to my flaky gas water heater (more on the gas later too).

Slowly getting things organized.  It's still a clutter sometimes and still have quite a few projects outstanding, but will be ticking them off one by one.  Hopefully, if the weather is nicer over Christmas holidays, will make some good progress.  Still not sure exactly where will be then.  Nor does it matter much I think.

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