Sunday, December 22, 2013

Water Filtration

While was exploring one of the large (think largest) Yuma flea markets, came across a vendor's stall there that sold RV specific water filtration, from chintzy filters to high end quad reverse osmosis systems.  Am sure they did custom systems too.

What caught my eye here was a Doulton water filter for the RV.  I was quite psyched!!!!  These are high quality ceramic inserts, and at least the ones I use on my countertop (in addition to the Nikken Watefall to add good stuff back in), contain silver embedded within the ceramic piece.  The ceramic makes it so it's cleanable with a regular scrubby, or other methods.  The silver kills any little buggies, or critters, which are alive in the water (great when traveling where water quality is questionable).

So, picked up a whole kit set of components, even some things which makes life immensely easier when cleaning the filter (quick disconnects).  The complete parts list:
All parts
  1. Standard housing
  2. Doulton filter element
  3. Standard filter element (bought at a different place)
  4. 2 sets of quick disconnects
  5. teflon tape (already had)
  6. 2 hoses (already had)
  7. Filter wrench (to remove housing, which can't find right now)

Bonus cat picture!
 Next step in the process was bringing all the parts outside.  However, after I did that this cat decided to hop up on my picture taking platform.  So naturally I had to take a quick shot, or two.  This was the better of the two, more face!

Taped and ready
First step was disconnecting the two hoses I currently have.  This was easy step.  Following that I chose to wrap all threads in teflon tape.  Realize this is probably overkill for this application, it just gives me a warm and fuzzy that there is a slightly less chance of a leak from the threads.

Mostly assembled
After that it's on to assembling the whole housing by inserting the water filter into main part of the housing.  On this filter, there is embossed lettering (white) on one end, and I chose to put that facing the top.  Unsure if it's proper, but seems to work great!  It was also a good time to screw the quick connector fittings onto both the hose and the filter element top, which can be seen in this photo also.

 The next step, according to directions for the water filter (yes yes, I know, we don't read directions as a general rule), was to run water through for 10 minutes, or 5 gallons (something like that).  So this is exactly what I did.  Can barely see the water flowing out (at a good pace) from the outlet of the filter.

All done!
Here it is fully assembled, fully pressurized (trust me), and nary a leak!  Who's the best?!?!?  I am of course......


Ceramic filter before cleaning
Have had it installed for about a week now and yesterday noticed that the water flow was down quite a bit, to little more than a trickle.  Decided to take it apart and clean the filter.  This is exactly why I went with a high quality filtration system, such as what Doulton provides.

Ceramic filter after cleaning
As a disclaimer, emptied the fresh water tank on the RV completely and then filled it up again, so that is partly why so much water went through the filter, but it is still ikky.

Items noticed with filtered water

Long story short, much much better!

Have noticed some positive benefits so far, though fairly early to identify them all.

The water heater, electric add-on I put in, more on that later, seems to heat up water about twice as fast.  Am sure there will also be much less mineral buildup now.

Shower, when using on board water pump, has excellent pressure!

The water seems to be clearer now.

Easy to get water pressure back by cleaning filter (shown above).

No residue when washing dishes.  Yes, even I have to wash them, pooey
@ 7 pm there is some sort of game.  One night is Bingo, one night is something else scheduled, then the other 5 nights are whatever people want to play.

Am looking forward to going back there.  On a bonus note, can barely get Sprint service there, 3G, but still decent.  Only thing is have to get the puck above roof for best coverage.  Am happy I brought a cane as tape it to there and hoist up somehow.

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