Thursday, December 26, 2013

70th Anniversary!

While staying at the JoJobo Hills RV resort, part of the Escapees network of resorts, had the distinct pleasure to witness a couple who have been in love a long time.  While I forget their names, the name doesn't really matter in this case.  It is their undying gratitude for each other which matters.

Stained glass window
She is 93
He is 95

He's served in four wars (WW2, Korea, Vietnam) in the Navy. And, he jokingly said, the 4th war is the 70 years they've been married..  A sense of humor is a must.

It was a really great time.  The Friendship Hall is where the celebration was held.  This is one of the wonderful parts about being part of a large extended family in the Escapee's club.  I am also officially a Life Member now!!!  YAY

It's always great to see long lasting friendships such as this.  In order to stay married this long, it takes a lot of love, but mostly friendship and compromise.  From what I have seen of long lasting relationships (not that I have experience) it's always like this.  If one, or the other, is always doting on the other person it's doomed from the get go.  At least in my humble opinion.

Hope everyone has/had a great Holiday and on to the New Year!

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