Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hay House Audio Books - updated

My wonderful cat walked on the keyboard and published this before I was ready, before had anything typed.

Will update this later, but was going to start making a draft to save this link:
While doing a quick internet search to find out how to change the m4b extension to an mp3extension, came across this link, which has a simple, and easy, answer to convert them.  The only downside is that now have some mp3's over 6 hours long...  Now time to find a way to split the m4b files into seperate mp3's.  Oh well.

Some audio books come with format of .m4b, and this site just gave a simple guide in how to convert it to a more standard mp3 format.

Back in April, saw a good colleague of mine had posted a link to a Hay House conference, and the ability to purchase the whole 10 days worth of audio recordings, in lieu of attending the conference (which am sure was great).  So I purchased the thing also and finally (8 months later) got around to downloading.  Need something to listen to as am all caught up to date listening to Coast to Coast AM.

I think Hay House seems to be all about personal empowerment, and is a source of all things along those lines, with some woo-woo and metaphysical content (ok, maybe more than some).

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