Thursday, December 19, 2013


This morning, while lying in bed after a 5:30 a.m. conference call, had a revelation.  It suddenly popped into my head and is still lingering around, which is somewhat surprising.  Figured would jot it down as it might mean something to me later, or not, life is hard to predict most days.  It's surprising as I generally don't think of these things.

The revelation was, and I've heard it before, that throughout the world people of all countries are generally the same.  The same in terms of they want to live in peace and happiness, with their loved ones, just enjoying the fruits of their labors.

I believe in a strong, honest, and free thinking military, one which is best in the world, yet is willing to say no to unjust things.  So far we've been pretty lucky here in the U.S. in terms of that, while other parts of our government seems to have fallen off the deep end after lingering on the precipice for some time.

It seems that most of the conflict lately is due to the people running the country, not specifically just the ones you see.  You see, there is a whole cadre of people behind the veil, behind the administration, and no matter who is currently in power (in the U.S. and other countries), most parts of the government, the establishment, never change.  I get the feeling, and have no proof, that these people are the ones who instigate conflict for whatever reason.  Some reasons could be religious, socio-economic, just pure money, who knows what goes through their minds.

I would really like to think that there is no way that this could happen in the U.S.....

However, minus the people behind the scenes, and the "people in power", everyone throughout the world is still the same.  Just want to live a full life, with minimal distractions, and time to have fun.

It's the people in the military, and in the country, that can make a change.  A change for the better, or worse, it's all up to us.  As we have more power than those in power.

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