Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yuma, AZ to SoCal (San Diego area)

California I8
About a week ago I left the Escapees park was at and started making my way West to the Palm Springs area.  Basically took I-8 along the border of Mexico, and surprisingly didn't see a lot of Border Patrol vehicles.  One or two but not a huge amount, surprised as see them more frequently here.  I have mixed feelings about them, and their "effectiveness" per dollar spent, but won't go into that.

The trip was fairly simple and not much to it, just plenty of highway driving.  I decided to stop at a Casino on the way (for lunch).  It was the Golden Acorn Casino.  It was very windy when parked here and it was a small chore to walk to the building.  Parked the RV so rear was facing the wind, and heard the roof exhaust vents chatter away, until tightened them down (the nob inside).

I8 before Casino
I must say, had a cheeseburger here, and told the wait person to surprise me with the cheese.  Come to find out he put PepperJack on it, and I could really taste it, unlike most places.  It was really good.  The service was mediocre (but waiter was excellent) due to having a large group there.  But the pepper jack cheese was the highlight and worth another trip.

From the casino took Rt 94 to where am staying.  It was a fairly nice, hour long drive, along windy country roads, some hills, some sharp turns, would've been excellent on two wheels.

Arrived at destination and this park (Pio Pico) has very limited cell phone reception, as well as have to pay for internet ($21 / week).  Good thing don't have to pay to camp here as member of Thousand Trails, otherwise would definitely be at a place which has free WiFi.

One huge caveat about being in an RV, in California, is that have to be very diligent in how long the RV stays in California.  I've been informed, by some other RV'ers, that if stay in California for longer than 28 days in a row, I will be on the hook for paying income taxes for the whole year.  Unsure how true it is, but rest assured I will be leaving for at least a day to reset the counter, if choose to stay that long.

Last night in Yuma

So, my last night I was there, was invited to go watch a parade with Christmas lights.  Have a video of it, and took a one second clip from that for a project I will publish in about a week, after setup a Vimeo account.

I took quite a few pictures, but much to my chagrin, quite a few of those turned out blurry or not really nice.  Was able to get these nice ones, plus couple others.  This is after the parade.  There is a street in the Valley where all the homeowners on a particular section, put out Christmas lights.  When they actually buy a home in the area it's actually a part of the deal somehow where they either have to put some out, or the neighbors will get it done and charge the homeowner.

There were some very extravagant displays, but some had only a few lights.  It was actually really nice overall.

Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen (not that I condone that) for a Blizzard, and then off to shop at Fry's Grocery store for some organic goodness!  I picked up some cereal and Jalapeno Kettle chips (YUMMY!).  This store actually had a decent selection of Organic foods, both fresh produce and packaged goods.  Was very happy.  We have to vote with our wallet.

I was actually somewhat sad to leave Yuma as the people there were really great!  That sense of community is what most places lack.

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