Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Congress, AZ for Thanksgiving

While in Congress, AZ stayed at the Escapees park, which is really quite nice.  They call it the North Ranch, and everyone up there, the locals, know it as such.  The parking area for RV's left a lot to be desired.  However, this place has a uniqueness in that Escapee members can have a plot here and put a house on it if they want, or just a place to park their RV during the chillier months.  At this park there were quite a few very nice houses and some very nice lots too.  They keep everything up quite nice, and this is on my short list of places to return to.  The people were amazing, very friendly.

Was here during Thanksgiving, and as a single traveler it was nice to be around some people for this holiday.  We had a full three days of food at the park.

Day one (Thanksgiving): Potluck with assigned tables.  Was quite great, our table had four desserts, was quite full by end.

Day two (Day after Thanksgiving):  This is where all the leftovers came out, and it was also a potluck.

Day three (Saturday):  Not much of a feast, but they had a nice breakfast with pancakes and sausage.  As I generally don't care for the sausage patties just had some pancakes.  While was in the Cottonwood, AZ area I also picked up some Prickly Pear syrup.

I brought a homemade pie to the first Potluck, and to the second also (same pie).  It was a lemon meringue pie , which is among my favorites, and one of my dad's favorites (probably where I got it from).  The pie was very good and got it from a Mother/Daughter duo who makes pies and sells them.  It is another way in which I can help support local people in my travels.  Found out about the pie from a local store in Congress, it's not really a store per se, but a collection of booths from people looking to make some money and where there is one central person (or couple people) who watch over everything and keep track of sales to pay to the booth owners.  It is like what I saw in Oregon (can't recall where).

While was in Apache Junction, when headed to the ghost town and stopped at the restaurant on the way, they had a little trinket area.  In this trinket area they had all sorts of touristy things, then I spotted this....

This is another part of the meaning, not the total thing by far, but something am only now figuring out how to do.  The first part is laugh, or have fun.  We generally make life too serious most times, or don't live life.

Just hung it up, attached with some RV silicone.  Seems to be staying for now, will see what happens when hit the road again.

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  1. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving Richard! All your friends at MM miss you! Hugs Mary