Saturday, December 7, 2013

True cost of Sick Care

Well, actual website is True cost of Health Care, but in reality they're generally not making us well and healthy.  Just covering up one symptom after another with drugs and false hope, while robbing us blind (my opinion).

The website itself isn't all that glitzy as the Doctor did it himself.  It does contain a lot of useful information on the current state of our "health" system.

Take a poke around.  Written by an actual MD, David Belk, from the San Francisco Bay area.

The True Cost of Healthcare website

As I generally avoid politics, and will in this case mostly, it's not because of the "healthcare" regulation coming along which makes our system so horrendous.  It has been in the works for a long long time.  The regulation is helping in a way as it's bringing forth all of the inherent flaws in our system.  Sure, people will always blame the other side. It seems lately that politics is all about creating animosity, and not bringing people together to do what's right for our ailing country.  It's not too late.

Humans Being More can help everyone!

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