Saturday, December 28, 2013

Couch removed - first step

This is the first step in replacing my floor and upgrading some things.

This couch is the standard one in an RV.  It's a sleeper couch with heating vents sticking out the front, which can be seen in the "front view" of the couch.  There is also a fair amount of empty space under the couch, but it's difficult to lift up the bottom, not to mention there isn't much room to see what's under there.

Front View
While the couch is relatively comfy, and fairly useful, I didn't like the color of it for one, and it is also not RV friendly (in my mind).  This is because, though it folds out to sleep 2 (barely), there is a lack of storage options. In an RV storage seems to be EVERYTHING!  So my goal is to upgrade this to something a little nicer, with more storage, and can sleep one person on it, while still taking up same amount of space, give or take.

Bar and bolts holding to floor
In this picture it shows, barely, how the couch attaches to the floor. There are two bolts, on each end, and a metal U-shaped bar that connects to the main frame of the couch and the floor.  There is one bolt, and a washer, that holds it to the floor.  It seems like these bolts are "permanent" and can't easily be removed.  Not going to look into it any further as currently don't need to.  It was fairly easy to reach in, with a ratchet, and remove the bolts and washers on both ends.

Heater duct
Prior to removing the couch from it's place, also had to remove the ducts for the forced air heat.  There was duct tape wrapped around the joint at the point of exit, which was removed prior to this photograph.  In the photo it's also possible to see a hose clamp which secures the hose to the heat register.

Hair, or other, thing?
I swear this isn't mine, honestly!  Found it behind the couch and am pretty sure it's a hair thing, like to tie pony tails.  Am guessing it could be used on other parts of the body if want something to last longer and look festive in the process...

Front of couch popped off
While removing the couch front panel, noticed it actually pops off the couch.  Didn't realize this prior as it would've made things a little easier.  Such is life.  It is thin 1/4" plywood with a wooden (oak) stiffer piece, and two hooks at the top which rest over the metal frame so this essentially hangs in place.  Quite nifty.
Bonus Cat!

The couch, finally removed, is seen here, standing on it's edge.  It was a little rough to stand it up, and left a little mark on the ceiling, but some things can't be helped in the heat of the moment.

Old couch location and ductwork
Some space has opened up!  Not sure what will be doing with the duct work as don't plan on hooking it back up.  Will probably tuck under the sink, which is just to left of the photo. 

It was a little chore, mostly time consuming, to locate all the bolts and take everything apart for the couch.  There are a couple metal bars which will be keeping to use as pry bars, or other things unknown.  All of the bolts and such will save for the time being, as well as the U-bars which bolted to the floor.  Think I can reuse those to put new couch in place after pull up the carpet!

Hardware, and Cat
Partially disassembled
I've said this before, and will sound like a broken record eventually, anyone can do what they set their mind to.  The only thing needed is a burning desire, and the passion which accompanies it.  The details will happen, so don't sweat the small stuff.

Empty hole!!!  YES!

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