Friday, November 8, 2013

Vegas again...


 As was getting ready to leave Pahrump, decided to take a quick tour of the area.  While out and about was (un)fortunate enough to follow a car for a little while.  While following noticed something odd about the car, something which stuck out for me as just saw a logo very very similar to it while in Vegas the last time.  Followed car into parking lot and spoke with the driver.  Hope he didn't think I was trying to stalk him.

44,000 miles!!!
The difference this time is this stood for a political statement.  I neither agree nor disagree with it (avoid politics as a general rule).  While I won't rant too much, I must say that the two party system, in it's current incarnation, is no longer for the people by the people.  It's for the "big guys" by the "big guys", and they forgot about us a long time ago.  It really doesn't matter who the "ruling party" is since the background bureaucracy, and people pulling the strings, doesn't change.  At least IMHO.

Took me some hunting, but if you would like one of these (they do look quite snazzy) can find them at this location.  No affiliation with me but I like this decal for many reasons, as part of the revelation in this post, and also it begs people to ask a question.

While tooling around this time also made another smaller milestone on scooter, still runs like a dream after soo many miles!

Back to regularly scheduled program

This trip to Vegas was more of a pleasure trip than couple days prior.  Really didn't do all that much, other than pick up a Satellite dish setup for HughesNet, the preferred provider of choice for RV'ers.  Only other things did was work, eat, sleep, and s**t, not exactly in that order.
First sight of red rocks

While going to Vegas this time, went through Red Rock Canyon, which was a really nice route.  During this part of the trip was able to snap couple pictures.  This is how the GPS guided me and was actually quite happy.  Sometimes the GPS leaves a lot to be desired in terms of routing.  Unsure if it's because of google maps, a 3rd party provider, or who knows what.  They're not fully intelligent yet but still have made quite a bit of progress.
Little closer but still so far away

While in Vegas had internet through Clear wireless (now part of Sprint).  As have mentioned before, this service is part of the Sprint network, and as such, has very limited coverage.  The great part about it is that it's truly unlimited.  Have downloaded 20-30 GB+ in a month and no hassles whatsoever, not even a nasty email or call!  Will be keeping this service long as possible.  No smoke and mirrors or broken promises like the other major cell carriers.

Stayed at Sam's Town RV Park.  It's a decent park, at a decent price, though nothing really special about it.  Still packed in like sardines, not much room to move around, and all that happy jizz, err, jazz.  It's part of a casino (surprise, surprise) and they had a mediocre buffet.  The buffet was featured on Rachel Ray's TV Show, $40 a Day.  Another website that lists information about the place.  This second website has an app, which I really like.  Only minor thing about the app is that there's a nag screen every time open it up.  The buffet itself I didn't find really impressive, mediocre food at a mediocre price, but it served the purpose.  The wait staff there (to get drinks) actually do a bang up job!  Don't forget to leave them a tip (I prefer to leave cash when possible).

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