Monday, November 10, 2014

Internet, current issues.

This is somewhat in relation to the last post (Internet Woes), though it's specifically about what people have been calling Net Neutrality.

Now, to me, and I'm sure most of the public (American and otherwise), this is a no brainer, all traffic should be treated equally over the internet connection you're paying for....

HOWEVER, thank goodness for "capitalism" and the need to try and monetize from every ... single ... (and married) aspect of life, internet included.  Isn't it bad enough that American's are 42nd (or so) in the world for internet speed when we invented the internet?  Seems strange to me and am sure "many" factors are to blame..

While I do my darndest to steer well clear of politics, and for good reason, some politicians don't quite get who they work for.  It's US, you and me, and not some faceless corporation which gave them some cashola to get elected.

I almost never read The Oatmeal, but this struck me as so true!  Please read at your leisure, it's not far off from what can happen, and is already in the works.

Oatmeal's take on Net Neutrality

My apologies for not divulging exactly what has happened to my scooter yet, but kinda waiting on one thing to include...  Will post when have it.

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