Sunday, February 16, 2014

KickStarter Part Deux

To date, have backed well over 100 projects on KickStarter.  A good number of them have not received the rewards, quite a few were not funded (for a variety of reasons), and still one or two show no signs of life, even though it was funded.

Am currently listing all the projects which have been fulfilled (i.e. funded and reward(s) received).


Wood fired bakery on Midnight's Farm

This bread is made with Love and Soul right on Lopez Island, in WA, using as many local ingredients as possible.  I've never been to this island, but will someday soon, just wanted to add my support to help make their dream a reality. Am sure that they would've made it, even without KickStarter, as their heart seems to be in the right place.  It's definitely a different world in the San Juan Islands.  Have been to Orcas Island and it was awesome, though little too far removed for me.

1 Second Everyday App

This app is great!  While I'm not that great at remembering to add something every day, it's great when it happens as good to look back and see, in 30 seconds, what happened during the past month.  It took awhile to get the Android version out, but knew that when backing.  These are the video's I've produced!  Some sniffles are produced, some great times remembered, still wondeful!

My Life_Nov 23 2013 - Dec 24 2013.mp4 from Richard on Vimeo.

My Life_Dec 30 2012 - Dec 31 2013.mp4 from Richard on Vimeo.

My Life_Jan 01 2014 - Jan 31 2014.mp4 from Richard on Vimeo.

ZERO TO MAKER: A Re-Skilling Guide for New Makers!

Received an actual book on this, and while am not even close to finishing it yet, it's a very good portrayal of the struggles, challenges, and victory, that he had on his steep learning curve to creating his first project!

It shows that we can do whatever we set our heart to, so long as have that burning desire to succeed, and have something we can believe in!

Dark Energy Reservoir: Premium Portable Charger

Finally got this one, after many delays.  The design of the product, while not as promised, is very nice.  The project creators finally delivered, after many delays and at least one outright lie.  I haven't kept up to date with the talk on this project, but am utterly disappointed.  It fluctuates extremely, most of the time barely holding a charge on phone (with screen off), and once in a blue moon, it will actually charge my phone as if plugged into a wall.  Am sure it's not my phone (have a Samsung Note II) even though it's larger than the "standard" phone.  This one am definitely not thrilled about, though they did deliver.

Not Funded

End of Fate - An Open World RPG

This looked like a real interesting game, unfortunately didn't make the cut.  It was 'standard' in that there isn't much to the game, but felt good in supporting someone's dream, for a modest investment!

Ant Farms 2

This game seemed a little cute, though not my thing.  While it wasn't funded, like the other projects I've backed, do get a reward in helping someone's dream become a reality, even if it wasn't meant to be.

THORVALLA an RPG by Guido Henkel

I was really hoping that this game would make it, but they pulled the plug on it due to lack of interest.  The story sounded intriguing, though everything else reminded me of a typical RPG game.

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