Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some KickStarter Projects I've backed

I've been slacking off in my backing as of late, but really enjoy being able to help people achieve their dreams, even if it turns out not to be their cup of tea.  For the most part have been very happy, and have gotten something from the projects.  Though there's always one or two which don't live up to expectations.  Not all are successful, in initial funding or in final delivery.

Two wheeling America

While this is about motorcycles, and I'm into scooters, backed this to raise awareness.  Haven't had any update on it since October, which is fine, as the funding they raised was only to generate a pilot, supposedly to hawk to television places.  Am happy!

Minion, Wireless Dev Board

I have received this and it looks great!  Unfortunately don't have a use for this (yet), but will be working on a use fairly soon within the RV so things can talk to each other wirelessly.  I prefer to run cables, but sometimes this isn't possible for a variety of reasons.

Have some projects to work on, namely fixing my ailing water heater, and some other nifty improvements I want to make, where integrating this could help.  That is, if start focusing.


While overpriced for what it is, am extremely happy with this project.  It is something I use every day.  It's very convenient, slim (mostly), and convenient.  It's made in the USA, Brooklyn I believe, and it supported someone's dream, even though it was more of a "dream" than they realized, haha.

It's basically a piece of elastic fabric (the one I have) which holds license, cash, cards, whatever of that size.  And it's GREAT!  This is my wallet and only (mostly) carry necessities in here.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

This is a game of stealth, deception, and a little action now and then, though the action HURTS.  And, it's a very unique game.  I'm all about uniqueness.  It has a very interesting setting, in that am a live human, and have been trapped on an island, well actually, five islands.  Goal is to collect many artifacts scattered throughout, which will allow me to get off the island, while avoiding humanoid robots.  The robots have blunderbusses, hot-air balloons, and now, levitating robotic horses.

Very far fetched, not very realistic (in the story), but still a wonderful game!  Not really my type of game though, but that's not the point, it's all about helping with diversity!

What happens when you Die

This project wasn't successful, though it was the second project backed.

Some things in life we'll never know until it happens, such as loss and love, and this is one of those things that falls into that category.  It would've been a documentary about Near Death Experiences.

Shaker, an RPG

Was saddened when this one was cancelled, prior to being funded.  Liked the premise of the game, and it would've been fun to play. Am hoping they'll restart, or start another project.

My Alien Science Project

Only backed this because it came from my home town, and had an interesting premise for a children's book.  If did receive it, unsure what would've done with it.

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