Tuesday, February 18, 2014

KickStarter Part Thrice

To date, have backed well over 100 projects on KickStarter.  A good number of them have not received the rewards, quite a few were not funded (for a variety of reasons), and still one or two show no signs of life, even though it was funded.

Am currently listing all the projects which have been fulfilled (i.e. funded and reward(s) received).


Wood Burning Stoves 2.0 - the DVD(s)

I met Paul Wheaton, and even participated on several of his Podcasts, bit roles mostly, but still there.  When took my Permaculture Design Course, it was in Montana, and Paul was there most every day.  I felt obligated to purchase this as feel like it's also very important to spread the word!  Am glad I did, though have no current use for what have learned, it helps support getting the word out there.

The DVD set is actually very well done.  A lot of knowledge in this about all sorts of things.  The primary goal in this is to spread word on the Rocket Mass Heater and alternatives to the typical wood stoves and fireplaces which are very inefficient.  It's possible, in most climates, to heat a typical home with deadfall from branches only.  Instead of a typical 2-5+ chords of wood, it's possible to use 1/4 - 1/2 chord of wood, and still be warmer.

Ripped DVD's to my phone so can watch them without my computer, which is a convenient for me! Ssshhh, don't tell the powers that be.

Ethical, Free Range Chicken Farming

Backed this because the followed Permaculture principles somewhat, plus the goal was set very low.  Didn't get any rewards, just felt need to support.

Northeast US Rail Map

Supported this as there is not a comprehensive place (that I know of) which lists different public transit options to get from Point A in one area to Point B in a vastly different area..  Such as going from Newark, NJ to Portland, Maine.  I really miss the european rail system, and ours is anemic compared to that.

Not Funded

No One's Pet

This was supposed to be a book produced by a lady who graced 5 Penthouse covers.  Forget exactly why I backed, but did so it's on this list.  Didn't make it though.

Farm2Market Foods: Organic, Gluten-Free & Vegan Condiments

This project looked really awesome, too bad they didn't get enough support.  I would've been quite happy with some Organic condiments, such as BBQ sauce, Mustard, or Chili-Pepper sauce.

Civitas - Plan, develop, and manage the city of your dreams!

This looked like a neat little game.  Reached little less than 40% of the funding, and seemed similar to the SimCity franchise, which I really enjoyed.

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