Monday, February 17, 2014

Cleaning my Waterfall

As most people know, I am a proud, card carrying, Nikkenite.  There are many reasons for this, some I don't know yet, some I do know, but it fell into my lap again after a long absence.  Hi Mary, Dennis, et al.

Anyways, they have a complete home water system, dubbed the Waterfall.  I could babble on and on and on, this video does it much better than I ever could, from the Nikken Science Guy.

Did some maintenance on it this weekend, primarily just a good cleaning.  It got a little gunked up prior to me adding a water filter to water coming inside the RV.  Prior to this didn't have any filters and some places the water is better than others.  While here in Vegas have had to clean my filter (yes, it's cleanable) twice, once just today.

Base after washing
Took apart everything and washed in the sink, using natural, and organic, soap.  What I did do, which they say I shouldn't, is immerse the whole base in water.  There is a little light, circuit board, and battery (behind/above the little black button), that barely works on a good day.  So if it never works ever again I'm also happy.  It's supposed to signify when it's time to change the filter.  This is the only flaw in the product.

This little plastic piece here contains some magnets to restructure the water as it leaves the filter.  This restructuring, from what I've been told, makes the water more available to our bodies cells.  On the outside there was a little nastiness looking stuff which cleaned out.

Silicone gasket?
There is also a little flexible ring in there, like some sort of silicone gasket.  Also took this out and cleaned as there was some more gunky stuff in there.

At least once a year (they recommend twice) we're supposed to replace the water filter and the rocks in bottom.  After filtration of the water, the rocks are there to remineralize the water.  However, I boil the rocks.  This serves the purpose of cleaning and sanitizing them.  No one ever told me this takes away from effectiveness of it, so will continue to do so.
Heating up!

So, I just simply put them in a pan/pot, fill with filtered water (pre-waterfall), and turn on the portable induction cooktop.  Added enough water to cover the rocks by a fair amount.

Rolling Boil
Then put it on high and and wait for a rolling boil.  I keep it at this rolling boil for about 10 minutes, give or take.  In that time believe most, if not all, of the bad ikkie's which could grow there are gone from there.

Drain the water out, rinse (with filtered water), let cool, and then put back into the filtration unit.  After this it's couple more easy steps to reassemble and put rest of parts back together.  Final step is to fill with water.

Rocks right at home..  YES!

A little plug:  Not only does the Waterfall produce great, filtered, mineralized, chlorine reduced (free mostly) water, it also produces Alkaline water.  This is still a big movement in health circles.  There are quite a few alkaline water units out there, the main one being the Kangen water filter.  If you think higher quality means higher price, by all means look at Kangen.  The waterfall is bout 10-15% of the cost of the Kangen filter, uses 100% of the water (minus bad stuff), and does a lot more than just alkalize.

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